Philip's Bike Page

What kind of bikes do I own?

I rebuilt the Motobecane (renamed "The Rocket") as a fixed gear bike & use it for commuting & running errands.

The Eliminator is a 20" wheeled kids bike. It is a 5-speed with a banana seat, big handle bars, & one of the coolest chain guards that I have ever seen. If anyone knows when Murray made the Eliminator please E-mail me & let me know. I am quite curious how old it actually is. I have heard guesses that range from 20 - 35 years old, but no one that I know has any real idea.

Here are pictures from some of my cycling adventures.
Farmington Canal Greenway '03
Provincelands Bike Trail '03
Great Mass Getaway '98
Great Mass Getaway '97
My vacation in maine '97
Some random mountain biking photos from '97

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