"The Beast"
AKA "The Sub"

1982 Mercedes 240D
Acquired 12-95 for $2,400
3rd car I drove regularly.

  • 2.4L Diesel
  • 4-speed Automatic
  • AC
  • PS
  • No belt on AC
  • Lots of leaks
Tires, Suspension & Brakes:
  • 185/70/14 in front
  • 195/70/14 in back
  • 14 X 5.5? steel wheels
  • Removed hubcaps
  • Hawk HPS pads
  • ATE solid rotors
  • Stock
  • Stock Radio w/o antenna
  • CB
  • Stock blue
  • No ashtray
  • Stock Silver
  • Custom dents & dings
  • No wax (saves weight)
  • Bike rack
  • Custom rust
  • Custom gas tank leaks

Well my Dad bought this car after The Silver Rabbit died, because he had always wanted a Mercedes. Shortly afterward his eyes got bad enough that he gave up driving, so it has become a spare car that just sits in the driveway waiting for me to brake &/or take apart my other cars, so that I am forced to use it. When we got it, it was a nice car, & I actually drove it for about 6 months twice, but it's life of sitting is catching up with it. Since it is now a spare car, it is not properly maintained & needs a decent amount of work. Oh well.

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