"Silver Rabbit"

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1981 VW Rabbit LS Diesel 4-door
Dad's Car - Acquired 12-89 for $200
1st car I drove regularly.

  • 1.6L Diesel
  • 4-speed
  • AC
  • No power anything
  • 2.5" Glass pack muffler
Tires, Suspension & Brakes:
  • Mismatched 175/70/13 Tires
  • 13 X 5 Steel wheels
  • JC Whitney H-4 Headlights
  • Generic AM/FM Cassette
  • Stock speakers
  • Stock
  • Custom deer imprint
  • Custom rust

This is the car that I learned to drive in, & then drove for 2 years until I bought The Audi. I had lot's of fun with this car & it took a real beating, including hitting a deer. This is the car that was used for my first off-roading adventures, & the car that I figured out how to do reverse donuts in. For the entire time I used this car, it had bad struts & tons of slop in the steering, my Dad finally replaced them (actually he just bought them & I did the work) during the summer of '95, just in time for the block to crack in September '95 at 222,000 miles. The car then sat for a year & a half before donating many parts to The Rabbit.

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