"The Blue Jetta"

1987 VW Jetta L 4-door
Acquired 8-98 for $0
3rd car I have owned.

  • 1.8L gas
  • 5-speed
  • AC
  • Leaky water pump
Tires, Suspension & Brakes:
  • 175/70/13 tires
  • 13 X 5.5 steel wheel
  • Stock
  • Sony AM/FM Casette
  • Stock speakers
  • Stock
  • Stock

In case you couldn't tell, the pictures are the "after" shots when the car was ready to go to the junkyard. I got the car from my younger cousin, who had gotten it for Christmas from my older cousin. The car had been sitting for about 8 months, but I jump started it & it ran, so I drove it home. We had to keep stopping to top off the coolant, but other than that it ran fine. Once I got it home, it sat for about another 8 months, before I attempted to get it on the road. I got temp plates for it & drove it for one day, before both the fuel systems & charging systems decided to crap out. It was fun, I pulled in to the gas station, filled it up & it wouldn't start. Never did again, I had it towed home & stripped it.

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